Lao Bangers and Mash

Our Southeast Asian inspired take on the classic pub dish - Lao Bangers and Mash is the ultimate comfort food. With seared Lao Thai Nam pork sausage and creamy coconut milk mashed potatoes, this dish really hits the spot.

The Inspiration for Lao Bangers and Mash

When it comes to traditional British or Irish pub food, bangers and mash takes the gold for me. Hearty sausage with rich and velvety mashed potatoes are just too good to resist.

With my love of Lao sausage, I found a way to incorporate Southeast Asian flavor into such a classic meal. Substituting the regular thick pork or beef sausage with Lao Thai Nam’s pork sauce brings this dish to the next level.

This dish also has another secret: coconut milk mashed potatoes. The mildly sweet and decadently creamy character of coconut gives this dish the perfect Lao touch.

Another great thing about this recipe? It’s too easy not to make. It’s great for lunch or dinner. You can seriously eat Lao bangers and mash anytime of year. Plus, everyone will love it - even the kids.

The Lao Bangers and Mash Recipe

Serves 2


2 whole 

Lao Thai Nam pork sausage (mild or spicy)


Medium potatoes

1 can

Coconut milk

2 tablespoons


To taste

Salt and pepper

Small handful

Lao Thai Nam pork rinds (crushed)


Fresh chili (chopped)

A few sprigs

Cilantro (whole)



Step 1: Preheat your oven to 385 degrees Fahrenheit. Brown one pork sausage for 2 minutes on each side. Finish in the oven for 6 minutes. Then, slice diagonally.

Step 2: Crumble the other sausage. You can do this either by hand through removing stuffing from casing. Or, chopping the sausage finely. 

Step 3: Fry the crumbled sausage in a shallow pan on medium heat until pieces are brown and crispy (this will take about 6 mins).

Step 4: Time to make the mash. Fill up a large pot with water until ¾ full.  

Step 5: Add a bit of salt and bring to boil. Then, add in potatoes that have been cleaned (peeling is optional.)

Step 6: Boil potatoes until knife tender (this will take about 15-20 minutes)

Step 7: Drain potatoes, then place them back into pot over medium-low heat. Using a handy masher, mash potatoes. If you don’t have a  masher, a sturdy spatula works too.

Step 8: Gradually pour in the coconut milk, stirring the potatoes continuously. You want the potatoes to become creamy, but not too liquidy.

Step 9: Mix in the butter. Then, add in salt and pepper to taste.

Step 10: Add crumbled sausage and crushed pork rinds, mixing generously.

To Plate your Lao Bangers and Mash

Step 1: Scoop of potatoes onto a plate

Step 2: Place sliced sausages on top

Step 3: Garnish with cilantro and fresh cut chili

Don’t forget to wash down this dish with a perfectly chilled  beerlao or lager-style beer. It’s the best way to do it, in my opinion. 

Recipe by Seri Chao



Seri Chao’s accidental cooking adventure began when his mother announced she was moving back to Cambodia to soak in the vibes of the motherland and eat fresh fruits.  She didn’t provide a return date. Out of fear, he asked her to teach him some of his favorite dishes. Throughout their lessons, he really connected with her as she told him about her mother and the times they spent together. He learned that their food is more than just nourishment - it is a beautiful tapestry of memories passed down from one generation to the next.  He cherished the recipes she gave him and still uses them to this day.  Also, his mom came back 3 months later and said it was too hot. Really, he thinks she just missed her family.