It’s impossible to share Lao culture without food

Lao Thai Nam is a symbol of our roots. When we think of our Lao culture, we think of sitting at the table and sharing delicious dishes only our mae thu (grandma) cooked best.

This nostalgia gave birth to Lao Thai Nam, a small Lao-American company based in Dallas, Texas. 

We have over 20 years of food processing experience. Our specialty is producing  delicious Lao ingredients to make your favorite Lao and Southeast Asian recipes shine.

Our Mission

We want to empower our communities with what we love most, food. 

Through our family recipes, we want to tell our community’s story. That’s why our goal is always to bring you the best quality Lao ingredients from our family recipes. We want your menu or store to have the most genuine Southeast Asian flavor.

Lao Thai Nam remains an active member of our local Dallas community. Our team prioritizes community engagement, participating in local events and fundraisers as best as we can.

Without our community, Lao Thai Nam would not be where it is today!